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 The Complete Guide to Skip Tracing for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is all about finding undervalued or distressed properties, purchasing them, and then fixing them up or renting them out to turn a profit. However, none of this is possible without first identifying and contacting the property owners in order to negotiate a purchase. This critical first step is where skip tracing comes in.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing, also known as skiptracing, is the process of tracking down the current contact information of property owners when it is unknown, inaccurate, or unavailable. By leveraging advanced data sources and techniques, skip tracing provides real estate investors with a way to cut through missing or outdated owner details to uncover accurate contact information.

With precise owner phone numbers, emails, and physical mailing addresses, real estate investors can directly contact property owners in order to make offers and negotiate purchases. Skip tracing paves the way for acquiring off-market residential or commercial real estate deals as investments.

Why Skip Tracing is Vital for Real Estate Investing

Being able to directly contact real estate owners in order to make offers and close deals is the lifeblood of a successful real estate investment business. Here are some of the key reasons proper skip tracing is so vital:

Increase Lead and Deal Conversion Rates

Bad data leads to dead ends. With updated and verified owner info from skip tracing, you can directly contact more viable leads and convert more deals.

Access Off-Market Property Deals

Quality skip tracing enables you to surface and contact motivated sellers before their properties hit the MLS. This provides a competitive edge.

Build Targeted Marketing Lists

Use skip-traced owner data to create laser-focused direct mail and email campaigns based on property attributes.

Jump on Inherited Properties

Identify heirs to estates by tracing deceased owners. Reach out as soon as properties transfer ownership.

Avoid Wasting Time and Money

Inaccurate contact data results in wasted time, money, and missed opportunities. Reliable skip tracing prevents this.

Essential Skip Tracing Strategies and Resources

In order to harness the full power of skip tracing, real estate investors need to leverage comprehensive databases, specialized tools, and certain search strategies.

Use a Reputable Skip Tracing Service

Turn to established skip tracing companies with millions of property ownership records, advanced matching, real-time data, and experience assisting investors.

Search Broadly

Don't just search by name. Use property attributes like address, tax ID, seller name, and legal description to uncover owners.

Look Beyond Current Owners

Check historical records to find prior owners of inherited or previously sold properties.

Verify Information

Double-check the accuracy of contact information through trusted public records and manual verification.

Stay Organized

Use lead management tools to systematically track and document your skip-tracing activities.


Accurate skip tracing is the fuel that powers real estate investment deal-finding. By leveraging comprehensive ownership data, investor-focused tools, and smart skip-tracing strategies, you can unlock targeted lead generation and consistent return on investment. With streamlined access to complete, up-to-date contact information on property owners throughout the country, savvy real estate investors can gain an unrivaled competitive advantage in this lucrative market.

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